board games

We Have Chickapig!


Just in time for the holidays, we are very excited to have Chickapig in the house! An intriguing combination of chess and checkers, it incorporates funny animals and cow poop, and is taking the country by storm. NPR did a whole piece about Chickapig!

Come in to Make It KPT and give it a try, and look at our calendar for our Holiday Game Nights.

"I love Chickapig! It’s engaging, interactive, and has great replay value.  Chickapig is mighty, mighty fun!" -Pete Fenlon, CEO Catan Studio

We Dropped It, And It Was Hot!

Drop It family.jpg

It's not every day when a game brings the right combination of ease of learning, fun play, and brain exercise, but Drop It did all that!  This past weekend, we hosted a Drop It party at Make It KPT, and everyone really enjoyed the game.  It's simple to learn, fast paced, and quickly got strategic for those who wanted to take it to the next level.  Drop It is a new family fave that we'll continue to play.  Come by Make It KPT for one of our Game Extravaganza nights and give it a try!  You'll like it!