Calling All Camping Gearheads!

We love it when a new technology meets an old problem, and solves it.  We're gearheads, for sure, so the Luminoodle caught our attention right away.

Old Problem:  You know when you're camping  in your tent or RV and you just can't get enough light to cook with, or read, or play your favorite board game?  

New Solution:  Luminoodle strung together an elegant rope of LEDs, created some re-usable, zip-tie-like hangers, and made the whole thing workable from a USB charger or connected outlet.  Super-easy to use, attaches anywhere, and transports easily.  Need ambient light?  Just stuff the LED rope into the translucent sack, and voila!  A soft-white lightbulb.

That's gear-tastic!  We've got the 10-foot Luminoodles at Make It KPT.  Come check 'em out!