“Vintage Industrial”: Old Equipment + Modern Makers

One of the great things happening as part of the maker movement and renewed interest in handcrafting is the creative reuse and upcycling of materials. For example, fabric remnants being used to make yarn to then crochet or weave baskets, or taking old golf clubs from yard sales and welding them into whimsical birds. The possibilities are endless when you view objects with an eye to repurposing them.

And it’s not only objects themselves being repurposed. Our featured leather artisan this month, Laurie Eaton of 40th Parallel, spent months looking for an industrial leather punch machine needed to stitch the thick leather soles of her custom-made sandals. Finally, she found this 600-pound behemoth on eBay, got it into her workshop with the help of a tractor and four people, and is all set to go for a summer of making.

It’s exciting to see this kind of specialized equipment begin to put to good use again. Let’s call it “vintage industrial.” We can’t wait to see what Laurie will do with it next!

shoe leather punching maching.JPG