I Fixed It!

I’m a bit obsessed with all the cool flight-related kits and items we have at Make It KPT.  The mini quadcopters are a lot of fun, and I got one for my son for his birthday.  We’ve had a great time flying it all around the house, and my son is getting really good at it.  There have been quite a few “training crashes” over the last week, and the ‘copter has weathered them no problem.  Well, yesterday after a bad landing, both rear rotor blades fell off, and when my son put them back on, the blades weren’t spinning right and the ‘copter wouldn’t fly.

We worked through the list of troubleshooting items on the instruction sheet, with no improvement, so we went to bed.  In the morning, the little ‘copter was talking to me - “Come on, you can fix me…Come on…”  So I started googling and tinkering.  Finally, I stumbled onto a YouTube video that talked about how the propeller blades were labeled A and B (in teeny tiny print) and needed to match the labels on the motor.  Lo and behold, we had switched them when we put them back on.  A quick switch back, and we were flying again.

How psyched was I?  Pretty psyched!  I fixed this mechanical flying thing by using my head and good ol’ Google.  Just goes to show, yet again, we can all be makers and fixers when we put our minds to it!