Make It KPT was founded with a mission to inspire people to be creative with making, building, and crafting.


At Make It KPT, you'll find -

  • Beautiful locally made, fair trade, and personalized handcrafts
  • Games, puzzles, and kits for creating for adults and kids
  • Events and classes for gathering with others to have fun and learn

We celebrate making in all its forms, and believe that EVERYONE has their own, unique creative spark.  

This spark may kindle in more traditional arts and crafts, like fiber arts or drawing or jewelry making or cooking, or may ignite with the application of science and technology, as in 3D printing or robotics or computer programming or chemistry.  All forms of making come together at Make It KPT.  

We count ourselves as proud members of the burgeoning "Maker" movement, and provide opportunities for people to have fun with arts, crafts, and hobbies, learn new skills, explore new technologies, and purchase the materials and supplies they need to make their visions into reality.

    Our community includes residents and visitors in southern Maine, who can experience the Make It KPT retail store live and in person, and our online friends from all over the world.