Calling All Camping Gearheads!

We love it when a new technology meets an old problem, and solves it.  We're gearheads, for sure, so the Luminoodle caught our attention right away.

Old Problem:  You know when you're camping  in your tent or RV and you just can't get enough light to cook with, or read, or play your favorite board game?  

New Solution:  Luminoodle strung together an elegant rope of LEDs, created some re-usable, zip-tie-like hangers, and made the whole thing workable from a USB charger or connected outlet.  Super-easy to use, attaches anywhere, and transports easily.  Need ambient light?  Just stuff the LED rope into the translucent sack, and voila!  A soft-white lightbulb.

That's gear-tastic!  We've got the 10-foot Luminoodles at Make It KPT.  Come check 'em out!

Summer Inspiration

Summer inspires.  Warm air and sunshine free us to wander.  Morning mist floating on the water catches our eye and our imagination.  Long days give us time to ponder ideas and projects.  

Take advantage of this perfect time of year to try a new creative pursuit, or return to an old one.  This summer at Make It KPT, customers have gotten kits and supplies to return to a craft they used to do.  Kids have tried new forms of making, from knitting, to building circuits, to programming a robot, to learning how to draw their pets, and more.  The possibilities are endless, and endlessly exciting.

And, in the end, a journey of creativity IS the end - the process of exploring, experimenting, and learning so pleasant to ponder on a summer's day.